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Easy Website Hosting Solutions From

offers premium web hosting plans and plenty of free-of-charge tools, which will help you build your site in no time. We have a proprietary web hosting Control Panel called Hepsia and our tests have shown that it is at least 3 times faster than other hosting Control Panels. You can always bank on our 24x7x365 support team whose representatives will respond to you in no more than twenty minutes.

A Lightning-Fast Web Hosting Control Panel

Our Control Panel is quick, very responsive and very easy to use. It gives you absolute control over your website(s) and domain(s). Using drag 'n' drop and point 'n' click actions, you will be able to easily control everything related to your site.

A Web Apps Installer

The Web Apps Installer tool will allow you to easily install more than 40 popular web apps, among them Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more, with only one click. You don't need to download anything or create a database - our tool will do everything for you.

Free-to-Use Website Templates

Instead of spending time and resources and waiting for a designer to finish your website, we offer a much quicker solution in the form of over 300 web site skins. They can be activated with only a couple of simple clicks and will help you get your web site live in no time.

A 24/7/365 Customer Support Service

Our technical support service is backed up by a one-hour response time guarantee - regardless of what the issue is, our helpdesk staff members will reply in less than sixty minutes. And they are available 24-7-365.

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